Principles of Training: Reversibility

By admin | In Exercise Physiology | on April 3, 2017

Principles of Training: Overload, Specificity, & Reversibility

This week we are finishing our discussion on the three principles of training. Please see previous posts on Overload & Specificity.


Definition: The corollary of the overload principle, reversibility indicates that gains are quickly lost when the overload is removed. You might also refer to this as the “use it or lose it” principle.

Example: Every year I select which obstacle course races I’m going to compete in and focus my training to be in peak shape for those events. At the end of the season I take some time off from training to give myself the opportunity to recover physically as well as mentally. When it is time to start training again for the next year, I don’t try to pick right back up where I left off. I know that the off season has led to some loss in fitness; therefore, I gradually build up the volume and intensity of my workouts.

Application: Don’t get discouraged! Everyone struggles with workout consistency. When you are able to get back to a regular workout routine, set realistic goals. Don’t expect to lift the same amount of weight or run/walk the same pace the last time you worked out. Give yourself time to get back to where you once were. With regular exercise and adherence to the principles of training, you can get your previous fitness back and even more!

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