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I've been interested in fitness my whole life. In kindergarten, I discovered my passion for running when I ran more laps than everyone else in my school's annual "Jog-a-thon" fundraiser. During 2nd-6th grades, I participated in my school's 100–Mile Run Club...I always ran more than 200 miles. When I was about 10 years old, I turned a spare bedroom at home into a gym. I named it "Rocker's Gym" and forced my 3 younger siblings to workout with me! From junior high until now, I have trained and raced competitively in endurance events. At Texas A&M, I majored in Exercise Physiology and became a certified personal trainer. 

Fitness is my life's passion and I want to share it with everyone that's willing to join me. When Anna and I first started CINCOfit, I was so excited about the opportunity to help the Katy community reach their fitness goals. However, I've recently questioned myself, "Is there more that I can do to help others succeed?" I started by outlining some of the obstacles that, in my opinion, keep people from getting to the gym and getting results. Here's what I came up with:

  1. Too busy to get to the gym
  2. Not sure what to do when at the gym
  3. Might know how to perform some traditional exercises, but aren't getting results because they don't know how to write an exercise program

Are any of those true for you? If so, I want to offer some help. 

Workouts don't have to be an hour long to get results. More importantly, workouts should be more than randomly selected exercises:

  • ∙ Every workout you do should have a purpose.
    ∙ Each exercise in a given workout should align with that purpose.
    ∙ Every workout should be part of a progressive, periodized plan. 

Starting in December, I will be offering CINCOfit's new 20–Minute Workouts to all CINCOfit members that sign-up below. By following our workouts, you will have a structured plan with a clear purpose. Each month, the 20–Minute Workouts will include two weekly strength workouts. The workouts will be repeated every week for 4 weeks with instructions on how to progress your workouts. 

But before I start emailing the program out to all of our members in January, I want to work through the kinks with a group of participants that are willing to provide feedback during the month of December. If you're ready to get started, click the "Sign-up" button below. Let's get fit!

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December 20–Minute Workout.

Try Something New this Month at CINCOfit!

View the videos below for some new workouts to try this month.

Sign-Up Now for One of Our Upcoming Events!

We have two great events planned for you this month: (1) Body Composition Testing and (2) FREE Boot Camp session.

If one of your fitness goals is weight loss, then you definitely want to sign up for Body Composition Testing. You will get an accurate measurement of your body fat percentage and lean tissue percentage (muscle, organs, bones). Tracking these numbers over time will give you a better understanding of the changes your body is making as you lose weight. 

At our free Boot Camp Session, you will get a great workout plus all participants will have a chance to win a free month membership at CINCOfit and a month of free boot camp!

Body Composition Testing, performed by Body Analytics.

Monday, November 5th at 4-7pm at CINCOfit on Cinco Ranch Blvd.

We have partnered with Body Analytics again to provide you with an opportunity to test your body composition through the use of hydrostatic weighing. This is one of the most accurate methods used to measure body composition. Participating in the test will give you accurate assessments of:

  1. Lean Body Mass (Muscle, Bones, Organs, Tissue)
  2. Body Fat Percentage
  3. Resting Metabolic Rate(Calories used at rest daily)
  4. Target Weight Loss Goals

Cost: $49

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Free Boot Camp, presented by Personal Trainer Travis Thompson.

Saturday, November 17th at 9:00am at CINCOfit on Highland Knolls

Join Travis for a free workout! After the workout stick around for free supplement samples from Boneafide Nutrition and a raffle. We will be giving away a free month of membership to CINCOfit and one free month of boot camp with Travis.

If there is a topic you would like to learn more about, please send me your ideas.

Meal Prep Idea!

I've tried a few different recipes for overnight oats lately and I enjoy them all, but this one is at the top of my list! Prepping these the night before makes getting a healthy breakfast on busy mornings a breeze. Try it for yourself! 


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