CINCOfit Celebrates 5 Years of Business

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Prior to the opening of CINCOfit in May 2012, my wife and I were both teachers and head cross country and track coaches. We loved teaching and coaching and thought that we would spend the rest of our careers in education. In the classroom we were able to share our knowledge for science and on the track we prepared our athletes for competition. For us, it was the perfect blend of education and exercise. However, after the birth of our first child in 2011 we began to experience an internal conflict.

Our passion for coaching and dedication to our athletes required long days which took many, many hours away from our newborn. During my last track season I remember working several 70 plus hour weeks. Knowing that being committed coaches would come at the expense of time with our child began to wear on the both of us, but especially Anna.

Prior to coaching and teaching, Anna and I both worked as personal trainers at different clubs in Houston. We loved being in the gym. We could share our passion for fitness and knowledge from our degrees in exercise physiology. Oftentimes, we would daydream about owning our own gym.

One Sunday afternoon in March 2012, while recovering from a busy week of teaching and coaching, Anna threw out a wild idea, “Why don’t we open a gym?” I didn’t think it was possible, but I agreed and we began the process. We started by visiting a gym owner in Katy. We thought we would pick his brain and gather the information needed to go about opening a new business. As it turned out, this gym was a franchise and the license for the franchise was going to be expiring in about 6 weeks. The current owner was actually looking for someone to buy his business and he didn’t have much time left to sell.

We were blown away by the sudden opportunity that had presented itself to us! We thought it would take several years, or longer, to open our first gym. We knew that this opportunity was Divine intervention and we leapt at the chance to fulfill our dream.

By May 1st, only several weeks after Anna suggested we start a gym, CINCOfit was open. Since that time, we have been blessed with steady growth and recently have expanded to a second location on the west side of Cinco Ranch close to Fulshear.

Our mission at CINCOfit has always been to provide a gym with a non-intimidating atmosphere in convenient residential areas with 24-hour access. As a family owned and operated business, we offer a level of service that you won’t find at the big box gyms. Our equipment is first class without large crowds fighting to use it. In addition, we have experienced personal trainers that can help you begin reaching your goals.

We hope that you will come visit us soon at CINCOfit…your convenient, neighborhood gym!


Joshua May


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