• February 2019

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on February 20, 2019

    I hope your new year is off to a great start! It’s an exciting time of year to set and achieve new goals. If you’re looking for a little extra motivation to get back into the gym regularly, try one of these following tips:Hire a trainer: A personal trainer can help you find ways to make […]

  • January 2019

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on January 6, 2019

    2019 is Your Year!Are you ready to crush 2019!? I know I am! This March I’m turning 40 and call me crazy, but I can’t wait. As someone that loves to race competitively, turning 40 means I get to move out of the 30-39 age bracket and up to the 40-49 age bracket. Besides that, […]

  • November at CINCOfit

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on November 10, 2018

    Sign-up to Receive CINCOfit’sNew, Free 20–Minute WorkoutsI’ve been interested in fitness my whole life. In kindergarten, I discovered my passion for running when I ran more laps than everyone else in my school’s annual “Jog-a-thon” fundraiser. During 2nd-6th grades, I participated in my school’s 100–Mile Run Club…I always ran more than 200 miles. When I […]

  • October at CINCOfit

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on October 9, 2018

    Last month I shared about my participation in obstacle course racing. I love the race day experience, grinding it out on the course against everyone and pushing myself really hard, but what I love the most is the process of preparing for race day. Each day when I go to the gym, I have a purpose […]

  • September 2018

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on August 29, 2018

    Never, never, never give up. – Winston ChurchillLosing your drive to train stinks, but it inevitably happens to all of us. Rather than throwing in the towel, it may be time to adjust your expectations and give yourself permission to miss a few workouts. I train year round to compete in Spartan Race (an obstacle course […]

  • Seven Day Trial

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on August 2, 2018

    Sign-up for our free seven day trial!

  • AUGUST 2018

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on August 2, 2018

    Summer vacation is coming to a close…geez it’s been HOT!!! I hope you’ve all had a chance to spend time with your family and recharge for another school year. For me, it’s always bittersweet when school starts back. While I’m not quite ready for homework and after school activities, I’m definitely ready to have a […]

  • Z Zone Fitness Now at CINCOfit West

    By admin | In News | on October 16, 2017

    We are excited to announce that Z Zone is moving from their current location on FM1463 to CINCOfit! This will bring our CINCOfit members a new and exciting way to reach their health and fitness goals. Z Zone offers dynamic group fitness classes such Tabata, TRX, Z BootCamp, and their popular Jumping Fitness! Each class […]

  • Prior to the opening of CINCOfit in May 2012, my wife and I were both teachers and head cross country and track coaches. We loved teaching and coaching and thought that we would spend the rest of our careers in education. In the classroom we were able to share our knowledge for science and on the […]

  • If there is one thing that is holding you back from reaching your fitness goals, I would bet that factor is consistency. As a trainer with more than 10 years of experience, I’ve witnessed countless people that fail to reach their goals because they are missing this important key to success. When it comes to exercise, too often […]

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